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Refurbishment of Concrete

The refurbishment of existing buildings and bridges is nowadays an emerging activity. Since the 1970s, we observe that the building industry become more and more focused on the following activities: consolidation, rehabilitation and modernisation of old buildings. ALSITARA GULF undertakes all refurbishment works on concrete structers such as buildings , ware houses , petrol pumps , plants , foundations , bridges … etc.

Refurbishment of Steel

ALSITARA GULF was one of the pioneer companies in the field of refurbishment of steel works. We obtained our reputation in the market based on our stability , sustainibility and the technical know how which is generated from the contineous successful projects performed by our teams.


SGC specialises in the construction and renovation industry. We use conventional as well as new methods of construction such as pre-engineered structures, pre-cast and green concrete.

SGC expertizes in the construction of the following:
  • Building construction
  • Villas
  • Commercial and industrial warehouses
  • Labour Camps
  • Commercial complexes
  • Hospitals

General Maintenance

General Maintenance and Renovation works:
  • All types of civil and MEP works
  • Painting works
  • Structural Repair works
  • Renovation and modification of layout
  • Interior Designing and fit-out works
  • General Maintenance of structures

SITARA GULF, since its establishment has been religiously undertaking renovation and maintenance jobs all over UAE. SITARA GULF, has been appointed as one of the Main contractors for General Maintenace of Filling Stations all over UAE by Adnoc Distribution.

Industrial Painting

Polyurea coating are commonly used for the following reasons:
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Waterproofing
  • Chemical, environment or atmosphere resistance
  • Decoration
  • Structural Enhancement

These advantages come mainly in the form of impressive achievable physical properties, and its fast set, return to service characteristics.It can also be applied over a variety of different substrates (concrete,metals,wood etc)in a wide range of temperature and humidity environments. 

Polyurea can be applied in the following area:

  • Flooring & Parking Decks
  • Tank Coatings
  • Pipe & pipeline coating & Linings
  • Truck bed liners
  • Fiberglass protection
  • Joint fill/ Caulk
  • Power Industry
  • Manhole & Sewer Linings
  • Hotel & Parks
  • Marine

Polyurea coating are mainly used as it can provide the follwing advantages:
  • Spray foam creates a solid monolithic protective roof shell.
  • Stops air & moisture infiltration
  • Can add strength to the building structure
  • Moisture Barrier
  • Protects against mold
  • Long life span

Since the start of the first decade of this century we ALSITARA GULF have been monitoring the revolution in the protective coatings and we noticed and expected the improvement in the protective coatings market due to the appearance of the polyrea as one of the promising products in the construction market. As one of the main players in the construction and general maintenance ALSITARA GUILF got the chance to become one of the well known apllicators in UAE Market. Recently at the end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 we have been awarded polyurea coating agreements from ADNOC Distribution and it was completed sucessfully.

Oil Field Services

Interior Design

Car Parkings